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| 3/3/2011 11:59:20 AM

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 Going Green…on the inside!

San Diego, CA –  To Go Brands, Inc. has certainly begun to make its mark in the
nutritional supplement industry. From the launch of its very first product, Go Greens®- Super Fruits and
Veggies, To Go Brands underlying philosophy is represented by the company’s continuous efforts to create
products that make it easy for customers to be healthy. They call that, “going green on the inside”.
Everything in its Healthy To Go® product line places emphasis on extremely high quality ingredients and
uses organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Two of their especially efficacious products Go
Greens® and Green Tea Energy Fusion® have been granted organic certification from Quality Assurance
International. www.qai-inc.com  

 go green logoGo Greens - Super Fruits and Veggies supplies the natural antioxidant power of 6 servings of vibrantly
colored organic fruits and vegetables in every handy “stick” pack. And don’t let the green color fool you; it’s
a refreshing green apple flavor, made with natural, plant-based sweeteners and fruit flavors.
Made with 15 organic fruits and veggies including Carrot, Tomato, Spinach, Lemon, Apple, Kale, Blueberry
and Pomegranate to name a few, Go Greens® also boasts unique antioxidant boosters like Grape Seed
Extract, Barley Greens, White Tea, Japanese Chlorella and the recent super star in the fruit world, Acai.
“We can’t stress enough the importance of healthy nutrition. We know in our own lives how terribly hectic it
is and even when you know you must EAT healthy, it can be so challenging to accomplish. Go Greens®
makes going green on the inside just a little easier,” says Traci DelVecchio, Director of Marketing at To Go
Brands. As with all To Go Brands’ products, everything in the Healthy To Go® product line is natural,
contains no MSG, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Healthy To Go® products are also
suitable for vegans and never contain wheat, egg, or dairy. Now if that isn’t green, we don’t know what is!
To Go Brands plans to continue to expand the Healthy To Go® product line and currently has 8 healthy
formulas to choose from. Everything in the line is healthy & natural and in the “to go” format of convenient
packaging including vegan Omega To Go™, Acai Natural Energy Boost™, Trim Energy™ for natural
weight loss, and the SuperFruit packed Extreme Berries To Go™.
For more information on the Healthy To Go® product line, visit www.togobrands.com. 

To Go Brands, Inc.
9010 Kenamar Drive, Ste. 101
San Diego, CA 92121
Office: 858-200-0678
Fax: 858-200-0687

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