Getting over the Barriers

| 6/10/2012 10:13:00 PM

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Adversity often leads you along new and more exciting paths 

In my last blog, I introduced a simple idea that could help you get organized and become a much more productive person. A simple notebook to record important details of your professional life and record your daily to do lists. I realize there’s nothing revolutionary in starting to-do lists. Most people have them, but the idea of keeping them in a notebook may not have occurred to you.  

A notebook where you record lists, important conversations, notes about building materials or prices while you are shopping, and other important details becomes a central repository of information, an external hard drive that helps you keep track of details and ultimately better manage your life. It also helps relieve stress, allowing you to live a more peaceful and productive life. 

I’ve developed a few techniques to help the to-do list.  Many times when I arrive at my desk, early in the morning, with my notebook in hand, my to-do list can be a bit overwhelming. I find myself saying “You’ll never get all this done today.” My heart may start to race.  

To avoid panic and paralysis that often follows, I quickly pick out an easy task – an extremely easy task, like sending an e-mail to an editor or calling the local hardware store to check on some building materials.  Or, I may tackle one important e-mail or all my e-mails. E-mail responses can be pretty easy. 

Tackling an extremely easy task or two revs up my engine. A half hour later, when I finish my e-mail, I’m up and running. I then often pick another relatively simple task, and then another. Soon, I begin to ease into more difficult work.  Before I know it, the day’s over and I’ve checked off every single item on my list – or a good portion of them. Those I didn’t finish are quickly shifted to my next day’s to-do list.  

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