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Gaiam Restore Launches New Stress Relieving Products

Gaiam Restore

This September, the Gaiam Restore line of products, which are designed for recovery, pain relief, and releasing tension, will launch several new products in response to a growing customer demand for preventative, restorative, and stress relieving products.

All of the new additions to the line are small and portable, so they can be easily brought to the gym, office, or even on-the-go. The line includes a unique Hot and Cold Foot Roller — the first product to the market of its kind.

The new Restore products will be available in Target stores nationwide and online at beginning September 3rd. Below are additional details about each of the new products, so please let me know if you’d like more information, high-res images, or to coordinate samples for review.

Hot/Cold Foot Roller

A brand new innovative design that is first to market, this uniquely shaped roller fits effectively into the arch of one’s foot and has raised surface dots to provide a kneading effect for extra relief. The roller features Gaiam’s hot/cold technology that holds heat/cold for up to 30 minutes providing relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and tired feet, as well as soothing stimulation relaxes muscles and relieves tension. The roller can be heated in hot water to help with flexibility or frozen to help reduce inflammation.

Trigger Point Massage Ball

A 6 inch, durable and lightweight PVC ball designed to help release muscle tension in hard to reach places.

Compact Foam Roller

A smaller, more compact foam roller for easy travel. The 12” roller (4” in diameter) also comes with an exercise guide.

Multi Grip Stretch Strap

Nylon strap with multiple “grab-points” to allow for deeper stretching to help alleviate muscle tightness, improve range of motion and make daily activities easier and more pain-free. Loops allow forearms to help with the stretch, minimizing grip strength needed.

Dual Temperature Body Wrap

A reusable wrap filled with a blend of flax, calming lavender and chamomile that conforms to fit to relieve stiff, sore muscles. The wrap is microwaveable and freezable and retains its temperature for 30 minutes or longer.

This press release is presented without editing for your information. MOTHER EARTH NEWS does not recommend, approve or endorse the products and/or services offered. You should use your own judgment and evaluate products and services carefully before deciding to purchase.