Favorite Medicinal Plants

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Favorite Medicinal Plants

On this episode, we’ll hear from Mother Earth Living former editor Jessica Kellner, and herbalist Joanne Bauman, on medicinal herbs that you can grow in your own garden. We’ll learn about several easy-to-grow plants, and how to use them in homemade natural remedies.

Our Podcast Guests Include

Jessica Kellner is the editor-in-chief of Mother Earth Living, a national wellness magazine focused on natural health, real food, healthy homes and organic gardens. She is a speaker who has presented at MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR and other events nationwide, appeared numerous times on television and radio shows, and is the author of Housing Reclaimed: Sustainable Homes for Next to Nothing.

Joanne Bauman, a Kansas herbalist, shares the gift of the green nations (healing food and medicine plants) in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing. Bauman (of Prairie Magic Herbals) teaches herb classes, grows and wildcrafts medicine plants, creates herbal preparations, and does consultations. Her love of the plants and easygoing teaching style make learning and using your own herbal remedies accessible to everyone. The Prairie Magic Herbals website conveys her thoughts about plants and herbalism. She first learned about plants from her pharmacist father, has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and applied her personal experiences to counsel others in a physical rehabilitation hospital. Bauman serves as coordinator of the Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) Community Herbal Apothecary Project and as coordinator of the Kansas Chapter of HWB.

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Our Favorite Medicinal Plants:

Lemon Balm
St. John’s Wort

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