Entertaining Yourself When Living Off-Grid

| 5/16/2016 12:08:00 PM

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Entertainment: reading, radio, word games, TV (1-hour per kid per week), animals, nature. How do you currently fill your spare time? Is it with things that are time wasters or things that are productive? How do you entertain yourself when living off-grid?

Without electricity and/or internet, many people today would feel extremely deprived. Recently I visited Cuba to find a country without much internet access and the people filled the streets with music, dance, talk, playing soccer, laughter, and human interaction.


Thought on Life Without Internet

Currently, I have been without internet for about 4 days and the withdrawals are intense. I feel disconnected from the world and afloat. I hadn’t realized how interdependent on the internet I have become.

Not having the internet has given me time for reflection, contemplation and planning. I have used this time to lay out 15 articles I would like to write for Mother Earth News. I feel I am not a very good writer but also feel the compelling need to get to writing some of what I now know to be a very unique upbringing.

Growing up, everything we did tended to take awhile, so we didn’t seem to have much time to “waste." We hauled water for ourselves and our animals, fed the animals and ourselves, and generally always found things that needed fixing or building.

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