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| 7/28/2014 8:28:00 AM

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Every third week of September, my partner Kiva Rose and have the responsibility and pleasure of organizing the HerbFolk Gathering (www.PlantHealer.org) in the forests of northern Arizona.  It is an event that draws people from all over the country to learn about natural healing with plants, but it is only one of dozens that you can choose from among during each year’s conference season. 

Whether you are studying medicinal herbs in order to take responsibility for the well being of yourself and your family, or if it is your hope to become a practicing herbalist that helps others, one of the very best ways to accelerate your learning is by attending one of the many herbal events in your area or beyond.  Esteemed teachers cover the topics that you most need to understand how to be a safe and effective user of medicinal plants, and the gatherings of like-hearted plant lovers provide the support and camaraderie of a true healing community... an inviting resource and great way to enjoy a season of personal growth and blooming.

Different Kinds of Herbal Events

Julie Caldwell teaching an herbal class.

There are basically 4 different kinds of herbal conferences:

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