Educating Children in the Spirit of Simple Living

| 11/9/2017 10:21:00 AM

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One of the most beautiful things about simple living is how child-friendly it is. Closeness to nature, a slow pace of life and an abundance of simple, practical activities are just the thing for children of all ages (and adults, too). Young and old alike enjoy digging in the dirt, playing with baby chicks or shaping dough into loaves of bread.

I don't think education, however inspiring and individually adapted, should turn into running in circles around the child and making sure there's no boring moment. I see many parents driven by the famous "Mom, I'm bored!” especially during summer vacations - so much that they feel compelled to entertain their children 24/7. As soon as the child says he or she is bored, they will be immediately taken to the mall, the zoo, the swimming pool, or signed up to any number of extra-curricular activities.

Boredom, while often seen as unproductive, can in fact be of infinite use. A bored mind is a clear, unoccupied mind, which can, when provided with the right tools, produce great things. Inventions, books, scrapbooks, crafts, paintings, new recipes, creative role-playing games, and even various household projects have been known to grow out of a seemingly nonconstructive, "bored" state of mind.

Learn like Pollyanna

Remember Aunt Polly?

'... At nine o'clock every morning you will read aloud one half-hour to me. Wednesday and Saturday forenoons, after half-past nine, you will spend with Nancy in the kitchen, learning to cook. Other mornings you will sew with me. That will leave the afternoons for your music.'

2/21/2018 11:22:56 AM

The public education trough is full of parasites & disease. I wouldn't send a dog to be trained there. Parents themselves need to live below their means & home-school their kids. Pool resources & homeschool w/ neighbors. Start your own private schools. Stop allowing govt. to take control of your families, because every time you give a wee inch, the feds want a country mile. And every time we cave, the closer we come to revolution & catastrophe. Yes, it's that bad. Stravo Lukos

12/16/2017 2:16:50 PM

This goes hand-in-hand with homeschooling

11/30/2017 8:56:00 AM

Garlic-smelling eggs would save me a step in cooking!

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