Winter Dry Skin? This DIY Lotion is an Amazing Dry, Cracked Hands Remedy!

| 11/20/2013 9:13:00 AM

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dry skinDry skin during the winter months is a dreaded yearly occurrence for many. Winter dry skin is not only unsightly, it’s itchy, painful and can even be dangerous: If you develop very dry skin that cracks or bleeds, you’re more prone to infection.

Unfortunately, many over-the-counter skin creams and moisturizers contain toxic endocrine disruptors that can make you more prone to numerous health maladies—everything from weight gain to heart disease to cancer. And, the over-the-counter lotions that are organic and paraben-free can be very expensive. Instead, use this DIY lotion made from organic ingredients as a natural dry, cracked hands remedy. It’s very cost effective as each batch makes enough to last all winter long.


1/8 cup grated beeswax

1/3 cup organic coconut oil

1/4 cup organic sweet almond oil or avocado oil

1 cup organic, unrefined shea butter or organic cocoa butter (The refinery process removes many of the nutrients from the shea butter that make it so good for your skin.)A few drops of the essential oil of your choice such as lavender or lemon (If you plan to add an aromatherapy essential oil, use shea butter instead of cocoa butter. The essential oil is better absorbed in shea butter. Plus, the cocoa butter already has its own scent; the essential oil aroma may clash with the cocoa butter scent if you combine the two.)

11/24/2015 3:10:27 PM

Hi, these recipes looked excellent - so I made them both - one with Shea Butter, result perfect. Then I tried the one with cocoa butter and found that it was actually too hard, set too fast, got lumpy - had to remelt... so I would remove the Beeswax in future, the cocoa butter is plenty hard enough. But thanks for the recipe - it is great.

9/5/2014 6:23:45 AM

Dry and cracked skin is an invitation to other skoin problems.. I use This natural remedy is great for relieving pain and instantly improving the condition of your skin.

1/9/2014 6:02:00 PM

The beeswax in this recipe seems to be out of step. I followed this recipe. Then I had to come back to the computer to look up another recipe I had seen previously that actually showed photos of the whipped body butter. I notice that there is no beeswax in these other recipes. The originator is here: Another one with variation is here: Looks like I made BALM with this recipe by Jami Cooley here on motherearthnews. That's fine. I'll use it as balm. But, I really wanted the whipped body butter, so next time I'll follow the other recipes. The title of this post here is misleading, too. It's not LOTION, it's BALM. Lotion is made by emulsion with water (or aloe or something with water content).

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