DIY Cosmetics: Homemade Organic Skin Toner (Video)

By Staff

DIY Cosmetics: Homemade Organic Skin Toner (Video)

Using just a few basic ingredients, you can make your own DIY cosmetics, such as this simple-yet-luxurious organic skin toner.

By K.C. Compton

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You use facial toner to perk up your complexion and reduce under-eye puffiness, you might be astonished at the price of over-the-counter skin toner — from $10 a bottle to over $60 (if you insist on royal bee jelly in your face toner). Over a few years of daily use that ends up being a pricey personal care product.

Making organic skin toner, which you can also use as a face cleanser, takes about two minutes. Homemade organic skin care products — which are all silly-easy to make — will keep your skin from absorbing chemicals you can barely pronounce and certainly don’t want on your face.

The ingredients for this facial toner are witch hazel, green tea or cold coffee, and essential oils for aroma and preservation. Mix the essential oils to suit your taste and start your own customized natural skin care line right at your kitchen counter.

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