A Personally Tested Cure for Colds and Flu

The cure for colds and flu isn't any kind of medicine. It's the early application of heat.

| November/December 1979

My "good idea" batting average over the past 60-odd years is well under .500, but I want to take this opportunity to share one of my brainstorms. I've found a cure for colds and flu, and it works so well that I haven't had either of those illnesses since 1963.  

However, let me qualify that somewhat shocking statement with an explanation: I've caught my share of cold and influenza infections in the past 16 years, but I've always been able to stop the attacks at the first-day stage and be back on my feet the following day.

I suppose I should also—at this point—add a disclaimer to get me off any lurking legal hooks. Therefore: What follows is an account of what I have done and continue to do, in the belief that it stops my colds and flu, but my story is not to be taken as medical advice. OK?  

The Battle Begins

What happens when you're invaded by those viral organisms that cause colds and flu? First, you become aware that all is not right with your body. Perhaps your joints begin to ache a bit, and you may sneeze and feel chilly. (My own "cold test" is to roll my eyes far to one side. If it hurts a little, I know the aches and other symptoms will soon follow,)

In earlier times you might have been given lemon juice and honey or any number of other remedies, most of which did no good whatever.

Nowadays, you're like most folks you ingest enough aspirin to keep your temperature down (and the drug companies' profits up).

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