Medical Self Care: Hold a Community Health Fair

If you're dedicated to the idea that people should look after their own health, here's advice on organizing a community health fair from a leading proponent of medical self-care.

| January/February 1980

In 1976, Tom Ferguson—then a fourth-year medical student at Yale—launched a magazine called Medical Self-Care... which he hoped would serve as "a Whole Earth Catalog of the best medical books, tools, and resources."   

Tom spoke of his plans for the publication and of his conviction that self-care could raise the general level of health in this country and lower our inflated levels of medical spending in a MOTHER EARTH NEWS interview in 1978 . . . and left no doubt that he would work toward making those "dreams" come true.    

Well, Tom Ferguson is Doctor Ferguson now, and the medical self-care "movement"—as well as Tom's magazine—has flourished. People are beginning to assume more responsibility for their own well-being and are eager for information that will help them take better care of their bodies.  

So in an effort to provide just such very necessary data, MOTHER EARTH NEWS offers as a regular feature a piece by Tom Ferguson, M.D., entitled (what else?) "Medical Self-Care."  

Hold a Community Health Fair

A local health fair (which blends the spirit of an open classroom, an old-fashioned barn raising, and a science exhibit) can provide your neighborhood or town with information on a mixture of traditional and alternative healing philosophies. In fact, one of the main reasons for holding such an event is to create a local network of individuals interested in health and self-care . . . and to offer those folks the opportunity to get to know one another personally and professionally by working together while serving the community.

In addition, such neighborhood gatherings dramatically reflect the medical consumer's new interest in and attitude toward health and self-care. (Besides, they're a lot of fun!)

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