Classic Lemon Facial Recipe

This low-cost Classic Lemon Facial Recipe can be made at home, includes tips on using lemons to soften face and skin and as a treatment for dandruff.

| July/August 1978

Try this homemade Classic Lemon Facial Recipe to clean and refresh your skin.

Try this homemade Classic Lemon Facial Recipe to clean and refresh your skin.

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This Classic Lemon Facial Recipe is easy to make at home and economical too.

Classic Lemon Facial Recipe

Some of the classic beauties of the ages have used lemons to cleanse, soften, and bleach their skin. Now that naturally grown and organic cosmetics are again in vogue, you may want to try one or two of the ancient formulas.

A refreshing facial that's said to soften tanned skin and gradually remove blackheads, roughness, and freckles is easily made by mixing the juice of one lemon with one teaspoon of water. Dip a small piece of sterile cotton into the solution and wash your face and neck well in the evening. Use a pressing motion under and around the eyes and a rotating action over the rest of your face. Let the treatment dry, leave it on overnight, and rinse the lemon juice away with cool water the next morning.

It's also claimed that a lemon-milk mixture will whiten and soften the hands and face and that pure lemon juice rubbed into the scalp is an effective treatment for dandruff.

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