Building Rituals into Your Life

| 12/7/2016 1:40:00 PM

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My last blog post described one of my favorite rituals, an annual calling back of the sun at year’s end. There are many other rituals that I enjoy and have employed through the years. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled, often-practiced celebration or a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, such as a wedding, ritual can help ground us in the absolute fullness of the present.

Create a small altar or special arrangement somewhere in your living space that offers you a place to pause and connect with life or work up a repeated time for reflection with others.

Components of Rituals

When designing a ritual, the main components for me are intention and purpose. What is the reason for the ceremony or meditation and what is the intention? Who will benefit from the work? Is this to be a simple act or more complex? Will the ritual be honored alone or will others be present? If in a group, will there be a solitary leader, several leaders, or will everyone attending have a role?

Below, I offer suggestions and pointers that may help you with ideas that you can put into practice. Your imagination is the only limitation. This is the roadmap I use to create a ritual. I know that many folks prefer a step-by-step method of learning to the wide open expanse of “just do it.” I offer options below that you can follow in order, choose from at random, or use as you see fit.

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