Beat Your Sweet Tooth

Use these tips to defeat the sweet tooth monster.

| June/July 2005

Tips to Defeat the Sweet Tooth Monster!

You have decided to adopt a super-nutritious, whole-foods diet. You’ve cleaned out your cupboards and revamped your refrigerator and pantry. You’ve stocked up on fresh, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables, refreshed your herb and spice racks, replaced refined grains with whole grains and swapped commercial animal products for organic and grass-fed versions. You’re primed for success.

But wait — you’re missing a critical ingredient! To create your own success story, you need sound strategies for dealing with the demon that destroys most diets — the Sweet Tooth Monster! To vanquish the monster and its dark desires, you need to understand what makes your body call out for sugary comfort foods and what you can do differently to appease that desire.

1. Problem: Irregular or Missed Meals

Skipping meals or eating on an unpredictable schedule catapults your body into a state of starvation, depriving your brain and body of fuel. This sets you up to crave starchy or sugary foods for energy.

Solution: Eat at regular intervals throughout the day.

7/4/2007 1:32:22 AM

Does anyone see a conflict between item 2 and 3 above. One says not enough carbs, one says not enough protein. And both are correct - it is the balance of protein and carbohydrates that is individual to each person which creates the craving. See for more details.

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