MOTHER EARTH NEWS Article Questions, Observations and Advice

C.D. Prewitt offers his observations and advice, and answers various MOTHER EARTH NEWS article questions.

| November/December 1975

C.D. Prewitt shares his observations and sage advice about a number of interesting MOTHER EARTH NEWS article questions. 

C.D. Prewitt's Advice on MOTHER EARTH NEWS Article Questions


In the middle of page 106 of MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 30, Tom, Christine, and Jade Laughlin asked if drinking milk from goats who've eaten poison oak will lend immunity to the plant.

Why go to all that trouble? There's an easier way!

Each summer, when poison oak begins to show, I choose a small leaf — with a surface area of about one square inch — and eat it. This gives me immunity for some time . . . but the procedure should be repeated once more before the summer is over. Two treatments seem to render me immune for the entire season. And why not? We Indians have protected ourselves this way for thousands of years!

Furthermore, drugstores — for many decades — always kept a bottle of Rhus Toxicodendron fluid extract on their shelves. Doctors prescribed concoctions containing the substance to their patients in order to render them immune to poison oak. The advent of "modern medicines" has pushed such simple remedies into limbo . . . a practice which, no doubt, helps keep drug prices astronomically high.

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