A List that Could Reshape – Even Save -- Your Life

| 5/12/2012 7:21:00 AM

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Learn to appreciate all the good things you are

One of the biggest life-saving lessons I learned in life is how inaccurately – and negatively -- we see ourselves.

Our inaccurate and decidedly negative self-assessment creates low self-esteem that robs us of deep personal satisfaction, success, and happiness. It makes us less lousy friends and lovers, too.

Let’s get personal:  My distorted self-image began in childhood. Thanks in part to disapproving, openly critical parents, and a host of other factors, I grew up with an extremely negative self-image.  I saw myself as unremarkable and unlovable, and certain not terribly intelligent.

I performed okay in school, graduating in the top third of my class, but didn’t turn any heads. When I went off to college, I vowed to turn things around and to make the most of my education. I studied day and night, on vacations, during breaks, on weekends when my friends were partying.

My grades reflected my dedication and hard work. I received all As and one or two Bs, was always on the Dean’s list, was admitted to the honors program, and graduated with honors with a 3.7 GPA in the sciences. Despite my success in college, low self-esteem loomed over me like a proverbial dark cloud, preventing me from appreciating, even recognizing my achievement.

t brandt
5/13/2012 11:43:34 AM

Ben Franklin goes you one better: he also made a list of his short-comings and then went to work on correcting those one at a time.I started following that advice 30 yrs ago. Give me another 40 yrs and I could turn out perfect.

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