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Reflections from Our First Goat Kidding Season, Part 1

By Carrie Miller, Miller Micro Farm

Ginger, our gorgeous Oberhasli goat breed doe, is the first due to give birth. For any goat owner, the kidding season can come with its share of stresses. However, when it’s your first kidding season, it can be downright terrifying. Here is how we prepared for our first goat kidding season.

The Organic Agriculture Research Act of 2018

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 

The Organic Agriculture Research Act of 2018 could help organic farming stay in the game against standard American mass farming practices.

Women’s Rising Involvement in Agriculture

American Farm Trust

Women’s role in farming and agriculture across the country is growing rapidly, with help from and thanks to programs like “Women for the Land”.

Nesting Boxes ABCs

By Anna Twitto

Providing a comfortable place for your layers and broodies.


Some Tips to Winterize an Outdoor Chicken Run for a Backyard Flock

By Rebecca Harrold

A handful of tips to keep chickens comfortable when the temperature plummets.

Practical Advice on How to keep Your Goats Warm and Happy

By Julia Shewchuck

Read about easy, practical and affordable tips to keep your southern livestock, especially goats, warm in cold weather.

Champion Chicken Breeds

By Anna Twitto

The chicken champions of egg laying, meat production, and homestead efficiency.


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