Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

A Passion for Heritage Pigs

By Dorsey Holme Kindler

A burgeoning pig farmer perseveres through rough patches to provide pastured pork to farm-to-table restaurants.

Spring is here! Time to Get Busy!

By Tia Douglas

First thorough spring beehive inspection.

Training Dogs Not To Kill Chickens

By John Klar

How to train a dog not to kill or maim poultry.

Preparing a Farm Animal First-Aid Kit

By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Hostile Valley Living

It is important to be ready in case of emergencies on the farm.


Capturing a Swarm of Honeybees

By Julia Miller, Five Feline Farm

Collecting a swarm of honeybees to expand your apiary can be exciting. Planning ahead will help you be successful.

Thrifty is Still in Style

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

Don't throw that away! I could use it for something--a pig shelter, a fencing project. Add it to the "someday" pile and get back to farming!

Unlikely Heroes: Ducks

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

When the early spring garden is in peril of being consumed by the hungry deer, who do you call? Ducks! Really? Yes...and electric fence, and Nite Guard, but I like to think it's the ducks.

Livestock Guardian Dogs and Poultry

By Jan Dohner

Many modern homesteaders and farmers are turning to livestock guardian dogs to protect their chickens and ducks and other barnyard fowl. Poultry are particularly vulnerable to predators, which often limits the poultry farmer's ability to free range her flock. A well-trained, reliable LGD can prevent losses from predators and allow the poultry farmer to achieve a more natural, healthy lifestyle for her birds.