Homestead Living and Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Why vertical tillage might be right for you

If you live in an area that is drier, has thinner topsoil, and lower average yields, vertical tillage could really work to your benefit.

Re-thinking Our Homesteading Strategies

By Anna Twitto

What happens when you dream of wilderness, but find yourself moving into town.

Wildfire Decisions

By Bruce McElmurray

Having a personal wildfire plan is valuable to diminishing survival.

Homesteading, Heritage Breeds and Mission Statements

By Mary Lou Shaw

Having a mission statement to define our goals will keep us making good decisions. This is not only important for our homesteads and our relationships, but is critical to help save heritage-breed animals.


Drying Off Your Milk Cow

By Steve Judge

Every dairy farmer has an opinion about how best to “dry off” cows when it is time for them to take a vacation in preparation for having their next calf. And they are probably all correct! But this is what I have learned about the process after milking cows for 40+ years, as it applies to family cows, micro Dairies and other small herd dairies.

Mastitis in Cows

By Steve Judge

Probably the best way to avoid or control mastitis in your cows is to have their milk tested regularly so you can spot problems quickly.

Best Sustainability Books

By Carole Coates

Everybody needs a few good books to help on their journey towards living more sustainably. In this article, I share five of my favorite books on sustainable living.

Using Pine Needles as Binder/Insulator in Earth Ovens

By Susan Tipton Fox

We want to provide alternative, and less expensive, ideas to replace straw in your earth oven builds.