Homestead Living and Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Spoil Yourself With This Milking Machine

By Carrie Miller, Miller Micro Farm

Learn about the Ultimate EZ Milker, which is perfect for any small scale dairy operation.

Making Hay – The Process and Helpful Tips

Making hay, broken down into four basis steps: cutting, tedding, raking, and bailing.

The Benefits of Livestock Productivity

By Joel Salatin

Livestock play an essential role in creating and maintaining a fertile, functional farm.

Dear MOTHER June/July 2018


Letters from our readers about solar energy homes, the next generation of earth advocates, stories of garden success, and more.



MOTHER’s product picks for June/July 2018

Mutual Benefits for Children and Chickens

By Rebecca Harrold

Hatching chicks at home taught our little ones some valuable life skills and lessons. Both the children and the chicks benefited from each other.

Front-Mounted, Independently-Powered Snow Blowers

By Ed Essex

Option for blowing snow off your homestead property and access roads.

A Tale of Two Homesteads

By Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton

Over the course of 14 years, Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton fell in love with, out of love with, and back in love with the land.