Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

The ABCs of Homesteading: H is for 'Horticulture'

By Tasha Greer, reLuxe Ranch

This is the sixth blog post in an alphabetically organized introduction to homesteading. It covers an understanding of what horticulture is and why it is important to homesteading. You'll find reading recommendations, information on plant selection, garden planning, plant propagation, seed saving, and food security.

The Stay-at-Home Advantages of Freelance Writing as a Homesteader

By Lydia Noyes

Homesteading is tricky enough without a full-time outside job. If you're passionate about where you live, it pays to think outside the conventional job market for full-time jobs that you can do right from home.

What It's Like Cutting Your Own Firewood in the Forest (With Video)

By Alyssa Craft

Two homesteaders share first-hand what the reality of cutting your own firewood is like. If you haven’t cut your own wood before, there can be a lot to know and learn!

How My Husband and I Went From Corporate Drones to Tropical Organic Farmers in Puerto Rico

By Sarah Ratliff

Learn what the catalyst was behind the huge leap from corporate drones to becoming organic farmers in Puerto Rico — despite knowing nothing about farming, not speaking the language and knowing only a handful of people. Although family and friends thought we were crazy, it was the sanest decision we ever made, and we couldn’t be happier with the way our life has turned out. Amid animals being dropped off to us, frequent power and water outages, and being separated from our family, we are truly happy for the first time in our lives.


From the Ravages of Fire Come Berries

By Ron Melchiore

'Tis the season for harvesting. Specifically, for me at least, the abundant blueberries and cranberries that are in quantity and free for the taking. How we take advantage of prior devastation from forest fires to pick our yearly supply of blueberries and cranberries.

Locavores (Eating Local Food) and Preparedness

By Sean and Monica Mitzel, Sovereign Sonrise Permafarm

Here are The Prepared Homestead‘s top 5 reasons to become a locavore. By the way, you don’t need to join groups or pay membership fees to become a locavore, you can just do it. Now. Today. You can also call it whatever you like.

Setting Live Traps for Mammalian Garden Pests

By Eric Reuter, Chert Hollow Farm

Mammalian garden pests can do serious damage to your crops in a short period of time. Humane live traps such as those made by Havahart are a practical answer to this situation, but outwitting the animal can also be frustrating. Properly setting, baiting, and managing these traps can increase your success in removing problem animals from your property.

Free Range or Penned: Protecting a Flock of Ducks at Night

By Emily Baker,

What happens when ducks that have been free range for 4 years are suddenly being penned in at night? How do they react? Read more to find out.