Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Putting Homegrown Chicken In Your Freezer

By Melissa Souza

Step-by-step of how we processed our own backyard chickens.

Organic Farming and Sawmilling in the Swiss Alps

By Wood Mizer

The addition of a personal sawmill has enabled Heini Hutter to sustainably harvest timber on his organic mountain farm in Switzerland.

Avoiding the Pitfalls Of Failing as a New Homesteader

By Starry Hilder

"I'm done" We have heard it before. New homesteaders throwing in the towel. They are stressed exhausted and they cant take it anymore. Why is this happening? Is there a way to avoid the failure and ensure success? Starry thinks so! Some solid practical tips to review before starting a homestead. Tips that may help new homesteaders avoid the pitfall of failure.

Dairy Goat A to Z: Breeding, Kidding and Milking

By Anna Twitto

A basic overview of breeding and milking goats.


Build A Chicken Tractor

By Melissa Souza

How to build a lawn tractor for rabbits or chickens.

The Chicken Codex: Breeding a Better Bird, Chapter 3: Hatching Season is Here!

By Jeanette Beranger, The Livestock Conservancy

This installment covers getting ready to start collecting eggs and hatching and learning the quirks of your incubator to improve success.

First Time Goat Owner? Be Prepared: Get the Facts, Part 2

By Susan Tipton Fox

Information on housing/shelter, health/maintenance, milking, horns or no horns and more!

The ABCs of Homesteading: L is for Legal Considerations

By Tasha Greer

This is the tenth blog post in an alphabetically organized introduction to homesteading. It covers legal regulations on homesteading and related activities.