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Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Using Poultry in the Garden

By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen, Hostile Valley Living

If you think that poultry will only bring eggs and meat to your homestead, think again! Most birds bring some incredibly helpful personalities to your garden as well as your farm. With a little bit of strategizing you can learn how to best use chickens, ducks, geese, and more to help combat bugs and keep your soil fertile.

Homestead To-Do List for October: Plant Garlic, Harvest Apples, Mulching, and More

By Aiyanna Sezak-Blatt, Wild Abundance

Plant garlic, harvest apples, collect leaves for mulch, and preserve the abundance: Here is your homestead to-do list for October.

Building a Hot Tub Before a House: Explaining Our Homesteading Priorities (With Video)

By Alyssa Craft

The first big project on our off grid homestead was building a hot tub and deck, not a house. Why did we do something that seems so crazy to some folks? Read on to find out!

Becoming an Organic Farmer Starts with Baby Steps

By Sarah Ratliff

Just as babies learn more in the first two years of life, that's what it was like the first two years for us learning how to become organic farmers.


Reader Tips: DIY Oven Cleaner; Chicken Roosting Poles; Woodchuck Repellent; Mushroom Bullets; Christmas Tree Pea Pole


In these 5 DIY, reader-submitted tips from our County Lore department, you’ll learn how to whip up a nontoxic oven cleaner, a quick fix to woodchucks in the garden, and more!

How to Choose and Maintain Your Homestead Chainsaw

By Joseph Love

Find a chainsaw to fit your needs, and then follow these simple bar and chain maintenance tips so you can safely put it to work for years to come.

A Security Upgrade for the 'Egg Cart’n' Chicken Tractor

By Eric Reuter, Chert Hollow Farm

Several years ago we purchased an “Egg Cart’n” brand chicken tractor and have been very pleased with it, save for one significant security flaw we only discovered after a predator slaughtered the coop’s residents. The fix was simple, once we figured out the flaw, helping us feel comfortable using a product we’re otherwise very happy with.

Can Chickens Live in Harmony with Cats and Dogs

By Anna Twitto

Can chickens peacefully coexist with cats and dogs?