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How to Prepare Chicken Coops for Winter in 6 Steps

By Jennifer Poindexter, Morning Chores

Winter is coming soon. Make sure your chickens are prepared for the worst temperature. Here are 6 things you need to do to prepare your chicken coops for the upcoming winter.

The Importance of Socializing Livestock

By Fala Burnette, Wolf Branch Homestead

Spending the time to frequently handle your poultry and livestock can be important to you! Find out why in this article about socializing your farm animals.

Why 'Self-Sufficiency' is Not a Sufficient Description for Homesteading

By Carrie Williams Howe

Despite how much we do on our own land, we are far from self-sufficient. We are part of a local and global community that cares about where their food comes from and cares about taking care of the earth. Buying our homestead has actually increased our commitment to this community - to sharing what we do with others and to learning from what others share.

Maximize Ranch Profits with Tips for Using Livestock Scales

By Kevin Hill, Quality Scales Unlimited

Learn the significance of modern weighing scales in gauging livestock performance and making better decisions. It elaborates on five practical tips that livestock ranchers and farmers can use to maximize profits from farm animals. As modern weighing equipment has become a necessity for livestock business success, these five tips will ensure that farmers invest in the right equipment and derive maximum benefits from them.


Fall Treats for Chickens: Selecting Seasonally-Appropriate Foods (& What to Avoid)

By Emily Baker,

Chickens love varied diets! Feed them seasonally appropriate food to provide delicious, inexpensive treats for your flock.

Mother Earth News Yanmar Field Day at Sanaview Farms

By Don Abbott, The Snarky Gardener

As a Mother Earth News blogger community member, I was invited to tag along on Yanmar’s Field Day with 60 other participants. Arriving at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania a day early, we rode to Sanaview Farms (Champion, PA) via bus just 20 minutes away. All I knew was there would be tractor and greenhouse workshops, so the entire endeavor was quite a mystery. Sometimes not knowing is the best thing to happen.

Senior Homesteading Injuries

By Bruce McElmurray

Because I am a senior homesteader, I write from experience and new experiences seem to surface from time to time to disrupt my normal homesteading routine. Sometimes, the mind is willing but the old body won’t respond as we wish, and this occurred to me recently, which is why I have not been posting for a few weeks. By telling of my experiences, perhaps it will benefit someone else.

10 Things to Consider When Building a Root Cellar

By Jennifer Poindexter, Morning Chores

Do you want to build a root cellar as a food storage that doesn't need electricity? Make sure you know these 10 considerations first.