Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Livestock Guardian Dogs and Poultry

By Jan Dohner

Many modern homesteaders and farmers are turning to livestock guardian dogs to protect their chickens and ducks and other barnyard fowl. Poultry are particularly vulnerable to predators, which often limits the poultry farmer's ability to free range her flock. A well-trained, reliable LGD can prevent losses from predators and allow the poultry farmer to achieve a more natural, healthy lifestyle for her birds.

Coping With Chicken Loss

By Anna Twitto

Losing chickens can be hard even for the seasoned keeper.

Useful Skills For Remote Homesteading

By Bruce McElmurray

The talent and skills that are useful for remote homesteading.

Improving Orchards With Sheep Grazing

By John Klar

How to enhance soils, prune trees, and keep brush down in fruit orchards by grazing sheep and lambs.


Egg Anomalies

By Anna Twitto

All sorts of surprises can await the small flock owner in the nesting box.

Tanning Rabbit Hides

By Melissa Souza

Step-by-step description of how I preserve rabbit hides using salt and alum.

Managing Your Pig Pastures in Really Wet Weather

By John Arbuckle, Singing Prairie Farm

If you've ever raised pigs on pasture in prolonged rainy weather, you know how destructive they can be. Read on if you would like to see a small blueprint for successfully managing your pig pasture to sequester carbon, improve grass production and keep your animals comfortable in really wet weather.

How Homesteaders Can Vacation

By Mary Lou Shaw

Getting away on vacation is important for homesteaders' mental health and the health of their relationships. However, having animals to care for can make this feel almost impossible to do. With the help of community and some tips for keeping things simple, vacations are both possible and fun.