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Dear MOTHER August September 2018



Letters from our readers about garden certification, DIY greenhouses, gardening challenges, and more.

Appreciating the Little Things

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

It's easy to get into complaining mode--too wet, too try, too cold, too hot, too muggy, too buggy...but really, there's so much to be grateful for each day.

A Special Place: Homestead Nature Memories Growing Up

By Laura Berlage

Remember that special spot in the garden or the woods behind the barn as a kid? Follow the trail of those nature hideaways and the lessons they shared.

The Versatile Rear Blade Attachment for Your Tractor

Maintain roads and other big tasks on your property with the tractor mounted rear blade.


Peace, Love and Kidney: Adventures in Baby Turkeys

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

So sweet but so fragile, baby turkeys are both a challenge and a joy. Follow their journey from eggs in the incubator through the kerfuffles of early life.

Talkin' Turkey: Trip Leads to Unplanned Poultry Purchase

By Corinne Gompf, Heritage Harvest Farm

How a minor goat injury led to finding the ultimate deal.

Marketing Homemade Goat-Milk Soap

By Holly Chiantaretto, Hallow Springs Farm

Some tips on how to market your homemade soap.

Homestead Emergency Preparedness

By Bruce McElmurray

Plan ahead and be ready for emergencies such as wildfire.