Homestead Living and Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Life In The Colorado Mountains

By Bruce McElmurray

Reflection on 20 years of mountain living.

Cool Coops

In this episode of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends our guests and I will discuss the considerations you need to take when you are building a chicken coop including: were to keep the food, how do we space the perches and are automatic doors all they are cracked up to be!?

How to React to a Working Livestock-Guardian Dog

By Jan Dohner

Livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) are one of the most effective means of predator control. This very old method of protecting sheep, goats, or cattle is once again essential to coexisting with predators on our landscape. LGDs live full time with their animals and make independent decisions about potential threats to their charges. With their increasing use on private and public land, encounters between these working dogs and humans are occurring more often.

Chicken Behavioral Problems

By Anna Twitto

Predators, pests and diseases are not the only challenges a backyard flock owner will have to deal with. Sometimes the problems are originated in the flock itself, and solving them involves lots of creativity, ingenuity and even diplomacy.


Homesteading & Working in Hot Weather Safety Tips

By Alyssa Craft

For many homesteaders, working in the heat isn't an option and with this hot summer we're having, here are some tips for making working in the heat a little more enjoyable.


By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

Weeds: they're always there. They're always growing. They're a homesteader's menace! But they also have important lessons to offer.

The ABCs of Homesteading: M is for Meat

By Tasha Greer

This is the eleventh blog post in an alphabetically organized introduction to homesteading. It covers the challenges – ethical and physical – of raising homestead animals for meat and how-tos on meat preservation.

Never a Dull Moment

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

"Well, guess there's never a dull moment on your farm!" is something we hear quite often. But this week, it was more than just a statement--it was one of those days!