Homestead Living and Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Tree Felling: Safety First

By Bruce McElmurray

Falling trees can be dangerous, so use safe practices.

Chickens on the Homestead: To Pasture or Free-range?

By Rebecca Harrold

At our home we use a combination of pasturing and free-ranging for our chickens. We’ve given each method a try and find that a mix of the two works best for us.

Harvest Your Honey

Learn all about honey, how it’s made, and how to harvest it from Master beekeeper’s Becky and Steve Tipton.

Goats Or Cows?

By Anna Twitto

Choose the right kind of dairy animal for your homestead.


A Nearly No-Landfill Waste System

By Holly Chiantaretto, Hallow Springs Farm

Removing yourself from the toxic cycle of waste can be difficult and expensive. This article shares some low budget ways to keep most of your garbage out of the landfill.

Poultry Breeds and Species

In this episode we discuss popular poultry breeds and species that you may want to add to your homestead. Joining us is Kellsey Trimble, Alison Martin, and Cindy Gibson.

Avoiding Farm Failure

By Anna Twitto

Gear up for homesteading casualties and cope with them.

How's Your Honey Flow?

By Kim Walter

What is your beekeeping style?