Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Compost Hot Water

By Sean Mitzel

Jean Pain’s work, and many that have followed, inspired hot water compost experiments to commence on our homestead! We were not happy with the performance of our solar shower so we set out to find a better way to get “free” hot water.

Why Be More Self-Reliant?

By Anna Twitto

A lot of people will say that it is easier, more efficient and infinitely more practical to pay for what you want to get, rather than go to the trouble of making or doing it yourself. Does it really pay off to be more self-reliant?

Co-op Farmstands for Backyard Gardeners

By Kristi Quillen

Yard to Market Co-op has created an adaptable model for selling homegrown produce—from bunches of herbs to dozens of eggs.

How I Started a Small Suburban Farm

By Michael Brown

This suburbanite transformed a patch of grass into food and established a lucrative backyard farm.


Power an Electric Fence with Solar

By Jeffrey R. Yago

Easy to install and shockingly versatile, a solar electric fence will give you the power to keep your animals in the pasture, even if you’re off the grid.

Transform Children’s Chores into Small Businesses

By Joel Salatin

Give kids responsibilities that will help them thrive while learning self-reliance.

Keep your Baby Goats Safe with These 11 Practical & Easy Tips

By Julia Shewchuk

Learn from Serenity Acres experience and keep your baby goats safe from harm by paying a little attention to the details.

How to Handle Cow-Calving Difficulties

By Mary Lou Shaw

Heritage breed cows seldom have calving equipment. When the do, you want to be prepared with the knowledge, equipment and community that result in a safe delivery.