Homestead Living and Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

How to Handle Flooding on Your Homestead

By Bobbi Peterson

After a flooding event occurs, there are a few things you need to do to assess the damage on your homestead.

Should You Raise Heritage Chicken Breeds?

By Anna Twitto

Any chicken will lay eggs, so why invest in heritage breeds?

SmartBee Cold Storage: Giving Bees a Chance

By Melanie Kirby

Israel Bravo, a beekeeper in Twin Falls, ID helps to develop a cold storage facility to overwinter honey bees. This process embraces forms of biomimicry to give bees a break during the dearth while allowing beekeepers to steward their bees and manage for early spring pollination.


Why and How We Use Comfrey at Our Country Home

By Rebecca Harrold

Comfrey is a homesteader's dream plant. As we are discovering its myriad uses, we’re appreciating comfrey more and more.

Wise Choices in Chicken Breeds

By Anna Twitto

How to choose the chicken breed that would be best for you.

Q&A on Remote, High-Elevation Homesteading

By Bruce McElmurray

Many factors entered into living remotely, but mostly, we wanted to spend our retirement in the mountains. From first visiting our property at 9,800 feet, we fell in love with the seclusion and wildlife. In 20 years of full-time living here with the animals, we've had a couple iffy encounters β€” here is a rundown on how to deal with remote living in the mountains: predators, water, food procurement and more.

Great Guide to Guinea Fowl

From providing pest control to acting as therapy animals, find out how guineas are improving lives! Tune into the MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends podcast episode Great Guide to Guinea Fowl!