Homesteading & Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

The Chicken Codex - Breeding a Better Bird, Part 2: Planning for Breeding Season

By Jeanette Beranger

At some point you will need to locate unrelated birds to help get diversity into the flock.

Homesteading as a Senior: Finding Balance through Planning Ahead

By Bruce McElmurray

When we first moved here full-time 20 winters ago, we quickly realized that our lifestyle of choice was clearly leaning towards a lot of manual physical labor. As we reflect back, we can see that each year, it has become increasingly harder as we have become older.

Dressing For Winter Chores

By Starry Hilder

Does it sound like something too simple to even talk about, dressing for winter? I thought, perhaps this was an area that people just didn't care about, because they already knew how to dress for winter. But it wasn't until I met a young lady who told me her story about moving from New Mexico where she knew nothing of winter that I realized the usefulness of speaking on this topic.

Getting Water When Living Off-Grid

By Aur Beck, Advanced Energy Solutions Group

Water — the necessary elixir of life.I can say that my favorite modern convenience is having running hot water to wash with. Growing up, I don’t remember having running water in all the different types of places we lived in (some were tent camping sites, covered wagon — two- then four-wheeled — a 16-by-32 surplus army tent, truck camper, old barn, old school bus, old army bus with wooden roof, and an abandoned house with horses). I recount that experience here with explanations for how we obtained water off the grid.


Keeping Chickens Warm the Off-Grid Way

By Starry Hilder

Look at the way you keep your flock warm — no electricity may pose a challenge when living off the grid, but with some very green solutions outlined here, even the most seasoned homesteader might be surprised how we keep our backyard chickens warm during winter months in an off-grid way.

The ABCs of Homesteading: K is for 'Kitchen Skills'

By Tasha Greer, reLuxe Ranch

This is the ninth blog post in an alphabetically organized introduction to homesteading. It covers kitchen skills and ideas to help make homestead cooking with simple, homestead grown, and locally sourced food an everyday activity.

Rethinking Our Free-Range Policy

By Anna Twitto

We were always big advocates of free-ranging chickens, but lately we have had to rethink our strategy.

Fruit Tree Pruning Basics

By Mary Lou Shaw

Everyone can do a good job pruning fruit trees just by learning two basic types of cuts, investing in good tools, and keeping in mind long-term goals. Good pruning results in healthy trees and fruit, and trees that are kept to the desired size and shape.