Homestead Living and Livestock

Practical skills for modern homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and self-sufficient urban or country living.

Before You Build Your Home, Read This

By Carole Coates

Do you have dreams of building your own house? Maybe it’s about to become reality as part of your modern homesteading plan. In this article, the author shares tips based on her own home building experience.

For the Fiber Lover

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

Winter opens up time on the farm for indoor projects--time to dive into learning something new and making something special with your own hands!

Modern Homesteading On A Small Acre Farm

By Melissa Souza

Moving from suburban life towards self-reliance.

Astragalus: The Herb that Heals and Protects Chicken's Immune Systems

By Amy Fewell

We all know that chickens are prey animals. They are susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and diseases. But what if there were an all-natural way to prevent things like bacteria illnesses and even avian flu? Surprisingly enough, the herb astragalus does exactly that.


Looking Through Cashmere: or How to Lose Your Mind with More Goats

By Maggie Bonham

Getting cashmere goats, which provide fiber can be a money making opportunity.

10 Rules for Starting a Successful Farm Business

By Tim Young

Running a successful farm business requires that you recognize the farm isn't a hobby--it's a business. These 10 rules will help you start and run a farm that can sustain both your financial and nutritional needs.

Garlic As Holistic Remedy for Poultry

By Anna Twitto

Use fresh garlic to boost your flock's health.

Fortify Your Farm

By Joel Salatin

Help your homestead weather any storm or disaster by installing adaptable, resilient infrastructure.