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The Use of Tie Stalls and Stanchions as a Means of Restraint for Dairy Cattle

By Steve Judge

They got it Wrong! The Three Major Independent Organizations in the US That Have Developed Animal Welfare Standards, Guidelines and Consumer Labels for Dairy Cattle in the US Prohibit Tie Stalls For Use With Dairy Cattle.

Basic Considerations for Rotational Grazing of Pigs

By John Arbuckle, Singing Prairie Farm

Our introductory blog post will start with the most basic element of pasture raised pigs, rotational grazing. This entails how to easily and efficiently manage grassland pig grazing with electric fencing.

Planning for Spring

By Kirsten Lie-Nielsen

Winter is not an idle time on the farm: we are busy getting ready for the spring and summer months.

9 Reasons Why Raising Ducks Might Be a Better Option Than Chickens

By Jennifer Poindexter, Morning Chores

Many folks these days are keeping backyard chickens in suburbs, on homesteads or even in city-based coops. But have you ever considered ducks as an alternative to chickens to fulfill these duties? These fine feathered friends often have even more advantages than the now-common backyard chicken.


Handling Hatching Emergencies

By Anna Twitto

Dealing with emergencies that may arise in the process of hatching chicks.

Quirky Character of Pekin and Khaki Campbell Ducks

By Tom Hemme, Hemme Farms

We own three ducks: two Pekin hens and one Khaki Campbell drake, or male duck. Farmyards are fully diverse and integrated communities. They are societies in which different species of animals play differing, varying, and interesting roles. The ducks of Stony Kreek Farm are no different.

Caring for Dry Cows and Promoting Healthy Calvings on a Micro Dairy

By Steve Judge

Caring for dry cows in a small herd dairy can be difficult but proper care is essential for ease of calving and healthy outcomes for both the cow and calf.

What is a Farm Dog? The Best Choices for Working Partners on the Farm or Ranch

By Jan Dohner

The best working farm dogs, including livestock guardians; herders; working terriers and earthdogs; and traditional farm and working partners.