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| 7/8/2009 4:02:55 PM

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Thinking you might need a new mower this year?

Be sure to try out the zero-turn mowers that are now widely available, especially if you have lots of trees or other obstacles to steer around. The “zero-turn” steering mechanism is so quick and nimble that it actually makes mowing around stuff fun instead of a hassle.

You’ll find a full report and a list of manufacturers at: Zero-turn Mowers: Faster, Easier Mowing. And there’s even a brand-new all-electric Z-turn available — you can read all about Hustler Turf’s Zeon at Three Great Tools: Rogue Hoe, NRG Trowel and Zeon Electric Riding Mower.

Gordon Henry
7/23/2009 12:56:07 AM

I like my Ariens EZR 1742. But I had to slow way down before starting a turn, or the wheel on the inside of the turn would skid and tier up the grass. I put 4 gallons (32 lbs) in each drive tire + home made concrete wheel weights (about 20 lbs each), and another 80 lbs mounted behind the drive wheels stopped the skidding except on damp grass. The other problem is that the blades are over length with a timing belt ($54) to keep the blades ($25 each)from coming in contact with each other, they have a 1.5-2 inch overlap. If the timing belt breaks or jumps the blades will destroy each other, and shatter the spindle castings ($75 each), and probably bend the spindle shafts ($75 each). I had to replaced all of this last summer because I tried to cut 8-10 inch tall grass and the timing belt jumped. Gordy

7/22/2009 8:40:29 AM

I love zero turn mowers. I've used them for work, and if I ever get a riding mower, it'll definitely be zero turn. They do make mowing fun!

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