In Her Boots: Sustainable Farming for Women, by Women

| 7/21/2011 4:48:25 PM

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 Female FarmerThe following information is taken from a press release from the MOSES Rural Women’s Project.  

Don’t miss four all-day workshops supporting women in sustainable agriculture this summer. The women-led workshop series, hosted by the Rural Women's Project, a venture of the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) in partnership with The White House Project, will be held on farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

These workshops will provide women farmers and food-focused business owners with an inspiring blend of practical information, skill-building, farm tours, resource connections and networking opportunities to encourage and support this growing segment of organic farmers, entrepreneurs and agricultural leaders.

Drawing on the expertise and perspectives of both seasoned and beginning female farmers, participants will dive into the practicalities of successfully running farm and food-based enterprises, including value-added enterprises, land stewardship, risk management through income diversification, and integrating children and family. Opportunities for women in sustainable agriculture to take on leadership roles in transforming our food system will also be discussed.

Each workshop runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and costs $20. Lunch is included and scholarships are available. Preregistration is required — you can register online by clicking on the image that says “Register for Field Days” or call the MOSES office at 715-778-5775.

The first workshop in the 5-part series was last Sunday at Stillpoint Farm in Brooklyn, Wis., and it sold out quickly, so don’t hesitate to register!

1/16/2014 5:01:40 AM

Arner will talk about the important role organic farmers can play in leading and championing this movement by serving various grassroots organizations. Farming with her husband, Richard Handeen, their 240-acre operation continues the Handeen family farming tradition that started on their land in 1872.

Jennie Zeitler
6/21/2012 2:59:01 PM

I'm a reporter for the Dairyland Peach and the Morrison County Record, and am looking for a woman farmer in Stearns County and Todd County south of Eagle Bend. Wanting to feature you and your farm, no matter what the size, shape and style...! Thank you!

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