Yanmar Passion for the Land TracTour

| 5/15/2014 2:55:00 PM

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Yanmar TracTour

Yanmar America Corporation is on the move this spring visiting authorized Yanmar Agriculture equipment dealers, community events and local farmer’s markets across the country. The “Passion for the Land TracTour” showcases Yanmar’s new line of sub-compact tractors, which launched in April. The new line of sub-compact tractors featuring red 221, 324 and 424 models take Yanmar back to its original heritage. Yanmar sales and technical staff are offering training sessions at dealer locations, while also interacting with customers. Local Agri-lifers are coming to learn more about and test drive these new tractors.

A 102 year old company, Yanmar has long been committed to the sustainable land owner and the rural lifestyle that is important to them. The three new Yanmar tractors were designed with this lifestyle in mind.

As part of the Passion for the Land TracTour, Yanmar will be attending the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair in Puyallup, WA from May 31 to June 1, 2014.

For more information regarding Yanmar America Corporation or Yanmar Agriculture equipment, please visit Yanmar Tractor.

About Yanmar America Corporation:

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