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Worthington Needs the Urban Chicken Movement

By Jessie Fetterling

Tags: chickens, chicken ordinances, urban chicken movement, animal regulations, chicken regulations,

hen in yard

The urban chicken movement should move to Worthington, Ohio, according to columnist Ann Fisher. Earlier this week she wrote an article for The Columbus Dispatch, discussing the city’s unfair animal ordinances. One — set in 1973 — makes it illegal to keep chickens, horses and cattle in the city within 150 feet of any residence (except for that of the animals’ owner). Another law bans animals that “create offensive odors, excessive noise or unsanitary conditions which are a menace to the health, comfort or safety of the public.” So, technically, any animal could be outlawed in Worthington. I know for sure that my dog makes a good amount of noise and never hesitates to clear out a room with a close-to-stifling stench — but I love her. And she doesn’t even provide me with breakfast in the morning. So, if my wonderful little pooch can live in confined urban quarters, I don’t know why a few hens can’t.

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