Worm Bins, Coop Door Openers, and Egyptian Onion Giveaway

| 6/13/2012 1:39:28 PM

Tags: diy, chickens, automatic chicken coop door opener, Phillip Reed, potato onion, blueberries, mulch, garlic curing, Egyptian Onion bulbs, worm bin, Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton,
How to make a super awesome worm bin and a low budget automatic chicken coop door opener and closer

We decided to build a second worm bin that came out looking like an ultra premium enclosure for vermiculture.

Anna got a huge response to our Egyptian Onion Bulb Giveaway. Almost 50 readers commented that they wanted to be entered in our drawing for a chance to win enough perennial onion bulbs to feed the whole family. If we have enough left over once the current winners get mailed out we'll have another giveaway.

Blueberries got mulched, a new barn door got fabricated, and we got a chance to give the new garlic curing rack a test run.

Growing a big enough potato onion to be worth digging is easier said then done. Anna has 7 blog posts detailing our previous failed attempts, but this year's crop is one we will be saving to propagate next year. Woohoo!

Automatic chicken coop door opener/closers have been a mini obsession of mine for the past couple of years. We own what I consider to be the best out of the box, ready to go, automatic chicken coop door opener available, but if you want to make one yourself then my post on Phillip Reed's new do it yourself design might be worth checking out. It's low budget, you can find most of the parts laying around the barn, and he has an Ebook to walk you through the steps to build your own. 

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton blog about these topics everyday over at WaldenEffect.org. They build and sell a new kind of automatic chicken waterer that makes keeping chickens in your backyard cleaner and more fun.  

cameron pringle
6/14/2012 8:16:16 PM

Love this post.and most of your posts for that matter. They are fun to read. I love all the help you give that is for after you have hatched your eggs. All I used to know about was incubators and now I with all the info you post and other stuff I see around the web I feel like I could actually raise the chickens and know what to do.

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