Keep a Constant Supply of Firewood With Woodlot Management

Read this simple program that will help keep your woods in good condition, provide firewood and produce some lumber to spare.

| March/April 1970


Having a woodlot means never going without firewood.

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Originally, our house was located in the midst of two acres of woods. As we've cleared our land, we've had plenty of firewood.

It's a good idea to have an acre or so of woods. Just the dead and fallen timber will give you about a cord of wood per acre each year for your fireplace, and some fence posts too. Maybe you can harvest some lumber, it's much cheaper to haul it to a local sawmill than it is to buy lumber these days. About six months of exposure to sun and air is necessary to dry green lumber.

A woodlot is little trouble. Here is a simple program that will help you keep your woods in good condition and at the same time provide you with firewood and some lumber:

1. Fence out livestock. They eat saplings, injure young roots, cause erosion, and in time can ruin a woodlot.

2. Take all diseased or down trees for firewood.

3. Practice thinning. This simply means cutting out the weed trees and "crowders" so the good lumber trees will grow faster. It should be done about every two years. Save what you cut out for fenceposts, bean poles, etc.

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