Making Mulch with Permaculture Design

 Use greywater diversion to expedite the production of valuable mulch.

By Dave Jacke
Sponsored by Permaculture Design Publishing
January 2018

Mulch Full

Permaculture is more than advanced organic gardening—it’s a worldview, where human needs are met through holistic designs that follows the patterns of natural systems. For example, the language of Nature has no word for waste—one organism’s waste is another species’ food. Applying this principle, permaculture designers have used greywater from kitchens, showers, and laundry rooms to construct wetlands and fill biofilters that lead to greenhouses, aquaculture installations, or simple irrigation systems. Whatever the application, greywater systems are integral to reducing our reliance on well water or city water. Greywater diversion is also a key component in many composting systems, such as the one designed by Doug Clayton for New Hampshire’s Gap Mountain Permaculture in the late 1980s.

Doug’s “No Waste” Woodchip Greywater System


Mulch Maker