Using a Wood Stove and Wood Heating for Your Home

Using a wood stove and wood heating is a great alternative source of renewable energy, and the warm, roaring fireplace becomes a centerpiece of the home.

| September/October 1977

Try a wood stove and wood heating for a low-technology source of energy to warm your homestead.

Using a Wood Stove and Wood Heating for Your Home

Of all the "alternative" sources of energy available to the "little guy", wood is probably the easiest to understand and use. As well it should be. After all, mankind has been burning wood for a lot more years than it has been building solar collectors, setting up windplants, or tinkering with waterwheels.

And there's something so deep-down satisfying about stretching out in front of a roaring fireplace or a fully stoked wood-burning stove on a long, dark, icy, wind-swept winter's evening. Wood heat, besides being such a readily available low-technology source of energy, is just plain enjoyable!

And that's why we're featuring wood and wood-burners in this and the next two issues of this magazine. The six pages you see here should set the proper tone for the more extensive information on the subject that you'll find in MOTHER's 48 and 49. — The Editors.

Scenes from the past? Yes and no. There was a time when country folks all over this continent cut and split their own wood for heating and cooking as a matter of course. Then came the age of Fossil Fuel, and thought those days of burning were almost behind us.

Now that fossil fuel are becoming increasingly expensive, however, it's starting to make a good sense for many of us, once again, to satisfy at least part of our cooking and heating needs with wood. . . the most traditional, renewable, and lowest-technology fuel of them all!

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