Homesteading Checklist for June: Wild Food Foraging, Berry Preservation, and More

| 6/14/2016 2:04:00 PM

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Wild Abundance

In the Appalachian hills, now lush, thick and draped in the verdant robes of a fast-approaching summer, we find ourselves surrounded by abundance. But the month of June is marked by a particularly delightful flavor. Both tart and sweet, June is infused with the tangy taste of wild cherries, the sweetness of plump raspberries, and the succulence of wineberries.

Though feasting, harvesting and preserving this sweetness is a priority, there is much more to do to make the most of this month, both in our cultivated spaces and in the wilderness beyond our threshold.

Below is a guide to homesteading and wild-food foraging in this juicy season. This guide, created by Natalie Bogwalker, with contributions from Chloe Lieberman and Zev Friedman, is part of a series called Permaculture and Land Based Living Through the Calendar Year, and was created at Wild Abundance, a primitive skills, gardening and natural building school in Asheville, North Carolina, that offers weekend workshops throughout the year.

This guide was created with the Southern Appalachian landscape in mind, but is relevant for much of the south and north east.

Ripening Raspberries

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