Who Let the Cows Out?!

| 2/5/2013 3:03:39 PM

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We had just decided to have a relaxing breakfast together (after I milked Cranberry the goat and Blossom the Miniature Jersey cross, and Adam did the choring) and go to second service. A phone call arrived which we were tempted not to answer but decided that a call on Sunday morning must be important. It was our son saying the heifers, which we keep at his place, had gotten out the day before and he didn’t know where they were. It seems that a deer had gone through the fence and the calves found it.  They decided to see if the grass was greener on the other side. Guess what, it appears that it was so good they stayed awhile.

We looked around for them but finally discovered that the neighbor had found them on the busy road and kindly chased them into his field. So all the while, they were safely enclosed. We went up and caught them, which was quite easy as they are very tame and gentled. We led them home with Button (so named because she was cute as a button) following because she had lost her halter somewhere along her adventure. This was a lot easier than catching our neighbor’s wild Angus calf the other week when she escaped her field. It took five people with one of us on a horseback and two hours to round her up.

We fixed the fence and finished just in time to have missed the second service all together!  I did ask my son if he had a liability policy on his little farm though.

Here we are bringing the girls home. Ellie lost her halter so we just let her follow.   Fortunately,  cows are herd creatures which makes them very willing to stay with other cows.  We had to go near a road on our way home and everyone stayed right with us!



Free Choice Minerals

Today I gave the cows all a dish with a zinc mix, copper mix, and sulfur mix. I do this about once a week to see if they need to free choice those particular minerals. Today they liked the sulfur and zinc but did not eat much of the copper. It is amazing how farm animals know what they need and will take it if they need it.

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