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| 4/11/2012 8:32:26 AM

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 Meet Emma of Stohmaier’s Peaceful Valley Farm and Home Store in Pownal, Vermont. Emma is one of those people you can trust for tried-and-true barnyard animal advice. You can ask Emma anything: I mean any crazy question about horses, pigs, lambs, sheep, chickens . . . well, the list of critters she has knowledge of is just plain amazing! Emma comes from a well-respected farming family in the Green Mountains. She always shares the antics of her pet chickens, equines, or bovines with an animated story and a smile! Equally important, Emma has a reputation for selling the healthiest baby chicks in town!

Emma Strohmaier at the front desk ready for a chick order

I first met Emma many moons ago at a gymkhana at a saddle club in Cambridge, New York. It's a kind of western horse-riding show complete with such fun games as barrel racing, an egg and spoon race, and a keyhole race on horseback. Emma was always full of spunk and so eager to share quality advice. So after many years of thinking about raising a backyard chicken flock, I went to Emma for professional and friendly advice at her family farm and feed store. Who else better to purchase my first flock from than Emma?!

I started my poultry quest way too early for New Englanders: January! I remember calling Emma shortly after New Year’s Day in the middle of a nor’easter to “talk chicken.” (Spring fever came early that year!) Emma was kind to this newbie and chatted breeds, special order, and pickup dates. She was patient while I took notes and asked questions like a White House reporter. I bet I came off like some lunatic expectant mother! (Again, blame my behavior on a terminal case of spring fever!)

Peaceful Valley Farm and Home supply has been in business for 20 years The sign says it all

Emma recommended I call back in March to order my young chicks for a pickup in early May. I marked my calendar in red and drew childish pictures of a chicken on the calendar blocks; one chicken picture on the March 1 block to note my order date, and another picture for the beginning of May for my chick pickup date. I was as impatient as a 6-year-old waiting for Christmas morning. I had to pinch myself to remember it was still only January . . . snow, ice, the demons of winter were not a safe environment for baby chicks in my frozen tundra of Vermont.

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