Goats: Eco-friendly Weed Whackers

| 11/3/2008 10:39:18 AM

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Hungry Goat

If you’ve got a weed problem, we’ve got the solution: goats. All across the nation, frustrated landowners are turning to these animals, who happily munch away on much-hated noxious weeds and other invasive plants without so much as a drop of gasoline. Renting goat herds has become a popular, affordable and effective way to control weed problems and reduce the need for herbicides — read more in this article from The New York Times. And don’t forget to check out Interview with the World’s Best Weed Eater, Mother Earth News’ exclusive interview with a real live goat!

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6/28/2013 8:54:48 AM

Love goats.  I'm compiling stories, facts, memories, and recipes all to do with goat and goat products.  Please contact me if you are interested in providing something re: goats.  Need less than 300 words, permission to quote in a book and requirements i.e. your blog/website/name to be published http://simplifyandsave.weebly.com/1/post/2013/06/wanted-goat-facts-stories-memories-recipesall-things-goat.html

11/20/2009 11:36:12 PM

We don't have fence problems with our goats so far. Perhaps because they're all so tame?! When some of them get out on accident... they cry till we put them back in! However, another thought, we do have a serious problem with our pygmy buck..... he IS destructive! Yet, we have no problems with the Nubians, Nigerian dwarfs or the female pygmy's. I believe if the pygmy buck was my only experience with goats... I'd say RUN! But, since we're raising the smallest ( 16 or less inches tall) goats possible for the city back yard (homesteader) all I can say is.... they're loveable, fun, funny and as good if not better than a dog.

4/10/2009 12:29:03 PM

Has anyone found a reliable way to save your tree bark form them??

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