Ways to Stay Comfortable and Content as a Female Off-Grid Homesteader (with Video)

| 6/10/2016 7:33:00 AM

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For those that don't live off-grid, it can be hard to understand what our life is like on a daily basis. When they picture us living on our land in our rustically-accommodated trailer, they may envision big, dirty mountain men living in the middle of nowhere, completely detached from normal society and all that is civilized. They may think we wear nothing but camo.

The truth is a whole lot more boring. Just because we are living in the mountains, we haven't turned our backs on our civilized ways forever, and we almost never wear camo!

Actually we have found that people's conception of living off grid as being dirty and gross is a complete misconception. Adopting an off-grid lifestyle doesn't mean giving up all the comforts of home, it simply means you will have to be more creative to provide for them.

For us, being able to get clean at the end of a work day is always a priority. Even while living off-grid, our lifestyle can provide that.

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