Water Wisely

| 7/9/2008 1:19:51 PM

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Most urban and suburban homesteaders have yet to abandon their lush green lawns in favor of native plantings or veggie patches. In fact the National Geographic Green Guide tip of the week reports that "lawns are the single largest irrigated crop in America, covering 128,000 square kilometers--three times the surface area the U.S. corn crop covers."

Read the Green Guide tip, "Be a Stickler with your Sprinkler" to learn how you can conserve water while maintaining your lawn.

8/3/2008 11:32:29 AM

There is no need for a perfect lawn. Before we were around were there perfect green squares all over the land? Our lawn gets mowed, but there are no fertilizers used on it, there is no watering done to it and it looks like a nice "natural" lawn.

7/25/2008 6:37:46 AM

I moved to my current property 2 1/2 years ago. I have never watered the lawn, only the flower and vegetable beds. A new neighbor just moved in and told me he wished his lawn was as lush as mine. The neighbor to the other side is constantly watering and fertilizing his and still it doesn't look as green as mine. All I do is mow (a lot less than anyone around me) and leave the clippings where they fall. Once the lawn gets used to sustaining itself, it stops depending in artificial watering. (Minnesota has gone through years of drought and my lawn is used to it.)

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