Want Goats? Come to Goat School!

| 1/18/2012 4:59:58 PM

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First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Janice Spaulding and I am a goat addict.

Janice Spaulding and BatmanI love big goats, small goats, hairy goats, silly goats, big male goats, little tiny goats, all kinds of goats!We've been raising goats for 23 years and in that time have learned (mostly through trial and error) a lot of great information which I love to share! In fact, an education in good goat husbandry is so important to me that in 2004 I created a program which is lovingly called "Goat School."

Goat School has grown from 12 people on a cold November afternoon to eager crowds, spending a full weekend, twice a year at our farm!

In 2010, we took "Goat School" on the road and, working with interested host farms, presented "Goat School" in other parts of the country. In 2011 we crisscrossed the country doing "Goat Schools" in Vermont, Florida and California and look forward to doing many more "Goat Schools on the Road."

I live in a very small town, Saint Albans, in central Maine. It's so small that if you stop at the local market and ask where the goat farm is, they will give you exact directions! It's fun doing business here.

Of course, living in Maine and raising goats presents some very interesting challenges too! We deal with a lot of very cold and sometimes very snowy weather.

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