A Pioneering Spirit and Other Values For a Successful Homestead

| 3/6/2017 7:46:00 AM

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Beekeeping With Kids

We live in a world of modern conveniences. This begs the question, “why would anyone want to do all of that work to homestead?” After all, we can simply go to the store to get our food, clothing, and any supplies that we can dream of. In the rare instance where we want something that we cannot drive to get, we can simply order it online with one click.

With all of this at our fingertips, it takes a pioneering spirit to break the mold of modern society and choose the life of a homesteader. It does not matter how large, or small, your farm is, a pioneering spirit is an essential aspect of any successful homestead.

Building Deep Community Roots

While the internet has allowed us to connect with people all over the world, it also seems to have made us grow further from those that are the closest to us. Do you even know your neighbor’s name?

When homesteading was a way of life, there was a strong sense of community. For the most part, gone are the days of barn raisings, families helping out during planting and harvest seasons, and even families getting together to help watch and care for children! Our attitudes have shifted from, “how can we solve this together?”  to “how will this benefit me?”

While our attitudes may have strayed from deep community roots, it does not have to remain this way. The shift will need to start somewhere and there is no better place for it to start then at your own homestead. Next time you hear someone in need of help, be it with fencing, harvesting, or even branding, ask how you can help.

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