Taking a Vacation at the County Fair

Consider taking a vacation at the county fair, a perfect choice for homesteaders needing a unique, low-cost family vacation.

| July/August 1982

Take a vacation at the county fair

We took a family vacation trip to the fair . . . and had such a grand time that the jaunt has since become an eagerly anticipated annual event.


For an affordable, educational, sociable, and just plain enjoyable family vacation, try taking a vacation at the county fair. 

Taking a Vacation at the County Fair

Five years ago my family and I left the city behind and chose the homesteading way of life. With a lot of help from MOTHER and various other books and publications, we've since learned how to care for animals, vegetables, and ourselves in the country. As you might imagine, though, we've experienced our share of surprises while adapting to a rural lifestyle . . . but one of the biggest—and most delightful—eye-openers we discovered was that economical homesteader's vacation: the county fair!


We first became acquainted with our region's annual get-together when Barb, our eldest child, joined the local 4-H club during our first year on the farm. As part of her group's activity, she put together several displays—in sewing, cooking, and crafts—to enter in the competitions at the county fair that summer.

Since we were all swamped with farmstead work at the time, we simply drove down to the fairgrounds, dropped off Barb's exhibits, and high-tailed it back home to our chores. A few days later we returned to retrieve her projects . . . only to find that she'd actually won a couple of ribbons! Spurred on by the excitement of that pleasant surprise, we decided to take a look around and see just what the county fair might have to offer.

We soon found that there was a lot more going on there than we'd ever dreamed possible. In fact, what with all the prize livestock, jars of homemade jellies and jams, intriguing crafts and 4-H exhibits, steaming victuals, and friendly people (many of whom were homesteaders just like us) bustling about, the fair had more activity than we could ever take advantage of during a single "drop-in" visit.

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