Useful Tips for Used Pantyhose

Here are some useful household tips for using old pantyhose.

| August/September 2001

Don't throw away your old pantyhose — just wash them and put them to use around the house: Clean nylon stockings make excellent stuffing for the washable toys children love to cuddle.

Pamper your pet with a mattress stuffed with old nylon stockings. It can be washed and dried quickly and does not get lumpy.

Sagging chair seats can be made springy again by using old nylon stockings as stuffing.

Fresh grease spots can be removed from wallpaper by covering with blotting paper and pressing with a warm iron.

It's easy to remove and replace a single floor tile if you heat the damaged tile with an infrared lamp until the adhesive is softened.

Kari Bohnstead
3/29/2011 3:58:13 PM

I have used my old panty-hose to replace a broken vaccume cleaner belt. Works perfect.

1/24/2010 1:47:09 PM

Yep - sure did! Proven uses - without the stories this time! 1. Keep a pair in vehicle. Works great to replace a broken alternator belt in an emergency late at night. Used in my life 7 times in 30 yrs. Longest distance used 37 miles. 2. to hang HedgeApples under sink, cabinet, house & porch keeping pesty bugs & spiders at bay. Watched my Grandparents & Parents do this my entire life, never had bugs or Raid around. ( Keep Hedge Apples from pets & kiddo's ! I was raised in a place & time that DO NOT TOUCH was said ONCE, and we LISTENED !) 3. To save money - think.... I buy a 2 lb bag of ceder chips in the pet dept. ONCE A YEAR for under $5. Put handfull in stocking (* I use knee highs from the Dollar Store ) and hang in the closet out of sight, drawers with clothes and blankies, kitchen cabinets, under or behind furniture in the main parts of the house. We never get the "flood" of dusty moths that seem to invade the area here after big rains that get in everything - clothes, food etc. PLUS, we love the soft touch of cedar aroma! OR To keep some of the mixed potporri in drawers & closets that you really like! Tie the tops, hang in the corner and the closet smells as good as the room! Either way - no messy accidents that are a hassle to clean up - or carved cedar blocks in the closet for over $10, who sees these anyway????

1/23/2010 4:48:54 PM

Take saved soap slivers and put them into the bottom of an old knee-high stocking. Tie a knot and presto...a way to use all of your soap. Give your skin a nice scrub, too.

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