Useful Skills For Remote Homesteading

| 4/26/2017 9:23:00 AM

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When we were planning for retirement in the mountains we realized our wished for lifestyle would require careful planning ahead of time. Since we started planning early we had ample time to prepare for what we assumed was retirement in a high altitude semi-remote location. Therefore, this blog is a hodgepodge of needed skills and talents.

For those not familiar with the word hodgepodge it simply means agglomeration, alphabet soup or assortment. This blog addresses numerous skills that are different but necessary to cope/survive in a lifestyle like ours.

Canine Care

Since we choose not to socialize with many others in our community we have our immediate family of German Shepherd Dogs. They are intelligent, social, protective, funny and excellent over all family companions. It is not that we don’t like people - we do - but our community seems rift with backbiting and gossip and we did not retire for such antics. We do have friends whom we socialize with but for the most part our companions are our four German Shepherd Dogs.

It is important that any breed be fully understood to have good relationships with them. There are books written on this subject and I will not go into detail in this blog on understanding or the training of dogs. What I will say is that we constantly talk to our fur family and the more we talk to them the more they understand. We live in a small cabin and with four large dogs and it is important that we communicate well enough so we are not tripping over one another.

We studied and continue to study how to provide them a healthy life and care for any sickness or injury which is bound to happen. A few nights ago one such injury happened and we had to be able to deal with it promptly until we could get our family member to the veterinarian which is an hour's’ drive away.

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